When I see people manifesting sexual ambiguity or scarifying themselves, or showing a lot of flesh, or dancing to syncopated music, or getting loaded I applaud all of this because it is an impulse to return to what is felt by the body, what is authentic, what is archaic. And when you tease apart these archaic impulses at the very centre of them is the desire to return to a world of magical empowerment of feeling, and at the very centre of that impulse is the shaman…stoned, intoxicated on plants, speaking with the spirit helpers, dancing in the moonlight. Vivifying and evoking a world of conscious living mystery.

That’s what the world is. The world is not an unsolved problem for scientists and sociologists. The world is a living mystery…our birth, our death, out being in the moment…these are mysteries, they are doorways opening up to unimaginable vistas of self-exploration, empowerment and hope for the human enterprise, and our culture has killed that. It has taken it away from us and made us consumers of shoddy products and shoddier ideals.

We have to get away from that and the way to do that is by a return to the authentic experience of the body, and that means sexually empowering ourselves, getting loaded, exploring the mind as a tool for personal and social transformation. The hour is late. The clock is ticking. We are the inheritors of millions of years of successfully lived lives and adaptations to changing conditions in the natural world.

Now the challenge passes to us, the living, that the yet to be born may have a place to put their feet and a sky to walk under. And that is what the psychedelic experience is about…empowering and building a future that honours the past, honours the planet and honours the power of human imagination. There is nothing as powerful and as capable of transforming itself and the planet as the human imagination…the tools are there, the path is known, you simple have to turn your back on a culture that has gone sterile and dead and get with the program!

Terence Mckenna

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Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie. (via sunflower-mama)

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Please stop and read this.

I’m doing a project on gay rights in today’s society.

So if you believe that same sex couples should be allowed to get married, please reblog this.

This would be a lot of help, thank you.

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my ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings and elements and energies from my life, unlearn negative and harmful practices and thought patterns, stop checking for people that don’t check for me, create a space for myself that is nurturing for growth so that i may generate loving energy for myself and for others, nourish my spirit and balance my energies, i have big dreams and i deserve to live a life i love and let that love radiate

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