hey you there, look outside. is it raining? is it sunny? either way it looks look a great day to start loving yourself, you are so so worth it !!!

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Don’t you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are. Jo Blackwell-Preston  (via petite—fleur)

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Q: I'm sorry but I have to agree that humans are omnivores and they were made to have a diet which consists of both meat and plants. You shouldn't take the meat out because you are hurting animals. Carnivore animals hunt down each other from nature, because meat is part of their diet. This is how the food chain is formed and thankfully we're on the top of it.


Exactly, animals hunt down eachother. Do you hunt down a cow yourself if you’re hungry? I really doubt that.

This day we think we own everything, that we own animals. We make millions and millions of animals, to make them our slaves. We abuse them, treat them horribly. Most of them never see any natural light. That’s not “hunting from nature”, that’s egocentric, it’s murder.

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Q: why do you think it's okay to wear a bindi? (curious) .... like, what's your thoughts on culture appropriation? I swear i'm not trying to be an asshole. I'm trying to learn.


I don’t practice and I’m not bounded to any specific religion.
In my spiritual beliefs, I understand Sat Nam. In Sanskrit that translates to “one creator”. I personally believe all religions are just different interpretations and ways of practicing Sat Nam. A huge factor in what religion you practice is geological. To me being spiritual means embracing all cultures religions, spiritual understandings and religious leaders(that go hand in hand with what I believe/want to learn etc). It’s just silly to me when people say I can’t wear a bindi because I don’t practice Hinduism.
They’re right, I don’t practice that religion but I appreciate, respect and admire it’s culture. To wear a bindi is just another way for me to express my spiritual awareness and understandings. When I wear one, I feel so much positive energy being channeled through my Third Eye. It keeps me present in the moment and completely conscious. I wear one for special occasions or in situations where I know I’m going to need a conscious uplifter/chakra opener.
Telling someone they can’t wear a bindi is like telling someone they can’t practice yoga. Deriving from the same culture, yoga is a huge part of my spiritual practice. Same goes for people who decide to dread their hair.
People LOVE to throw around the words “culture appropriation” in anger because they think it sounds so sophisticated and mature when the reality is they don’t even know why they’re so upset.
If you’re wearing a bindi to make fun, mock or disrespect the culture in anyway, by no means is that okay. But if you wear a bindi because you like how it feels, you understand where it comes from and why is came from there, along with understanding why you wear it, then I don’t see the problem.
I realize that everyone has an opinion about culture appropriation. Too many people don’t have their own opinion because it seems they are just copying what someone else thinks/feels about it which is ridiculous.
People use culture appropriation to attack fellow conscious beings to try and dishonor them or make them question themselves/spiritual beliefs. Which in fact creates a domino effect by people who are easily influenced. THAT is wrong. THAT is the real problem with the words “culture appropriation”.

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